Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well, day one of the new frontier was exhausting.  Lots of media asking about the past, the future, the reasons.  Well-wishers, dirt-diggers, and everyone in between wanted to know the story.  I really shouldn't be amazed that this is as big a story as it is (especially in Canada, it seems), but am glad and proud of the fact that people care.  I'm really proud of the 20 years I spent with BNL, and it's always heartening to hear how it has affected so many people.  To the fans who are really, truly grieving right now - it's ok to be sad.  This is a big deal for us, and we know there was a kind of magic between us onstage.  But look at it as a twofer.  You'll get their music and mine.  Double your pleasure.  Double the magic.  Like Queen said, "It's a kind of magic."  Or as Pilot said, "Oh oh oh it's magic."  Or as Doug Henning said, "Ta Daa!!"
Can you tell I'm tired?
I'll be on Mix98.5 in Boston at 8:15 tomorrow, WCLZ in Portland, ME at 8:45, and then Friday morning I'll be doing Q on CBC Radio 1.  I can guess that there will be more in between.


  1. Steve, thank you so much for putting in the effort to address all of the media attention today. I think a lot of us were scared when we heard the news last night. I know I was. But it's been really comforting to hear from both you and Ed today. It's encouraging to know you guys are still here, still the same awesome people. Things will be different, but the interviews today have convinced me that maybe it will be okay.

    A twofer deal? I like the sound of that...


  2. I will miss you with BNL -- what chemistry!!! I look forward to hearing new music from you and the rest of the guys. Best wishes to you during this next phase of your life and thank you (and Ed, Jim, Kevin, Tyler, and Andy) for great music and memories over the past 20 years. Much love -- Jennifer (Triple Dipper)

  3. So, like Sha Na Na should I be listening for Those Magic Changes?

  4. Grieving is exactly what I'm doing, and I'll admit I'd rather have you together than apart - a twofer isn't that appealing to me right now. This is going to be hard to deal with, but I wish you all luck in everything. I was there for your first Stratford opening, maybe I"ll make the trip up there again this year.

  5. Steve, I just want to echo Jessica’s comment. Thank you for addressing all of us today. I, for one, was completely gutted when I read the news last night and could only think of how lucky I was to have been on the cruise this year. It was my first cruise. Looking back so many firsts for me seem to include BNL. But it was really nice to hear from both you and Ed today and I’m now curious to see how different things will be. Thanks for all that you do and the many years of awesome memories. I'm looking forward to many more. :)


  6. I have been a fan of BNL for most of those 20 years and it certainly is something to be proud of. I grew up in Scarborough and you always seemed to be my home away from home, from my first gig in Vancouver to searching high and low for an American import of Stunt before it was released in the UK.

    I can't even tell you how happy I am that I made a last minute decision in December to wander down the street to Massey Hall to find a ticket to the Xmas show.

    I had a centre aisle seat and was surprised to see that no one was standing in the aisle except me. You came towards the centre singing "Will I cry, will I smile..." and it took every ounce of willpower (not to mention common sense) to keep myself from sprinting down the aisle to meet you at the stage.

    What stopped me was my sympathy for the poor woman who sold me the ticket and would still have to sit next to me should I have made such a spectacle of myself. But I was certain you would have loved it!

    Okay it's far more likely you would have thought I was a lunatic and called for security. But I rather regret missing my chance to reenact a 30th century episode of the Price is Right at Massey Hall, as I realize tonight that it was my last.

    I am not sure this parting of the ways will be double the magic for me. As much as I enjoyed the contributions of every member of the band throughout the years, it won't be BNL without your songs, your voice and your presence.

    I am looking forward to your solo work however and wish you the greatest success, and even moreso, the greatest happiness. I hope you are still mostly based in Toronto so I can remain one of those spoiled hometown fans who gets to see you perform more often than most.

    Christine ©

  7. I was really pleased to see that you reached out to the fans immediately instead of making us wonder what was going on. I can't help but grieve like you said. However I would rather that you and the remaining members of BNL do what they feel is best and not force the band to continue with unhappy members. Keep interacting with your fans and they will repay you with support.

  8. Steven, today has been obnoxiously sad for me, as I'm sure it has been for a lot of BNL fans. But you know that you have so much support, as do Ed, Tyler, Jim, and Kevin.

    I can't wait to hear some new solo stuff from you, as I loved The Vanity Project...and ESPECIALLY the Art of Time Ensemble. I remember after the first time I heard it this summer, thinking, "I wish I could find more music like this"...the sheer drama in your voice incorporated with the beautiful instrumentals; honestly, if you do more stuff like that, I would be thrilled. :)

  9. I never listen to that boston radio station, but i will be tuning in in 3 minutes when i get in to take the kid to school.

    you should have done WXRV, the river. i think they've been your BNL supportive station far more than mix. but you did all those mixfest things in the past so...

    i won a guitar signed by you from WXRV. and then a few months later got the rest of the band's signatures on it after the mohegan sun show. it's my most treasured possession (you know, after kids yadda yadda).

    hang in there with the storm on the moors, don't lose it like lear.


  10. rock on, Brother Page. we'll be here, enjoying your music and supporting you. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us and take care :)

  11. I really like that Pilot song. More of a Copperfield fan than Henning, though. I mean, come on, Copperfield managed to make Claudia Schiffer believe he was boyfriend material. That was an impressive trick.

    Just commenting to let you know your fans are still following you. I figure for every one of us who says hello, there's a whole lot who don't.

  12. I was doing well until the grocery store played TLTL today. That really bummed me out.

  13. Steven, it really means a lot that you are making an effort to reach out to your fans in this time. I was heartbroken to hear the news, but its only because I'd never gotten to hear you perform live (altogether)! If there's a reunion I'll be there!

    Am waiting with bated breath for the two-fer :)

  14. Hey Steven,

    I am still with a heavy heart today after yesterdays news, but to echo the comments above, I am glad you have addressed the fans to keep us in the loop. This must be an exciting, but scary time for you and I hope that knowing you have the support of your fans brings you some kind of calm in the storm.

    I was never lucky enough to see BNL live and I hoped that you would tour later this year so I could finally understand what other fans meant about the on stage chemistry. I guess I will have to look forward to the twofer instead and keep my fingers crossed that you will venture over to the UK!

    Much love always, Nic x

  15. It will take me a year to believe that its over. It will take me two more to get over the loss... woa woa

    Sorry couldn't help it....

  16. Hey Steve - Good Luck. You're the guy with the voice that pulled me in to that incredible band... Looking forward to your future success. I stumbled on this Blog..Was looking for Bartlez. Any ideas?


  17. Steve, I know these next few weeks (at least) are going to be hard for you and also all us BNL fans, but I think I know a way to make it at least more tolerable: grow your beard back.

    Not only will you be a cooler dude in general, but you will probably write better songs too. Which is no easy task as you are already pretty much one of the greatest songwriters ever.

    I mean, it has always been my goal to write better songs than Steven Page, and I figured the only way to do that is to grow a mighty beard. Obviously I haven't even come close, but I HAVE found that the longer the beard, the better the songs. So seeing you split from BNL has made me decide to reveal to you my secret.

    If you don't do it for yourself, at least do it for your fans. The fans who supported you for the last 20 years. The fans who will support your for the rest of theirs and your life. The fans who want a bearded Steven Page! There's too much potential there for you to waste!


  18. I was truly shocked when I read the news this afternoon. I don't look forward to the possibility of a replacement, if that's the road BNL takes, rather I just hope they continue on as is and do the great work we're used to enjoying. You certainly will be missed as a lady. We all know, though, that you can make beautiful music on your own. I agree. Good luck to all!

  19. Good luck, Steve! It will be good to see you finally excel like the star you are.

    A note about your blog:

    It's currently set to archive your posts unless you post daily. When I hit the site tonight, it looked blank. I panicked momentarily thinking that you had deleted entries, then remembered the default.

    To make more than a day's worth stay on the main page, just follow directions from this link:

    The point is that if you archive MONTHLY, it makes you look much more active than daily by keeping your posts on the page when people enter. Otherwise, if you miss a day, it's BOOM, what the f happened to Steve??

    Mazel Tov on the next new adventure!


  20. Hello Steven,

    Irony is loosing your job the same day that BNL looses it's voice...well one of them.

    I posted a letter to my fellow BNL fans on my blog. You may have a look and comment if you wish - only because I don't wanna spam your post here.

    I do want to let you know that I supported you as a person back in July to the extent of having to change my user name on another board. My decision to say "hey, he's human" and forgive the whole poor choice got me in hot water.

    I stand here now, still supporting you, both as a human being, a fan and hopefully a bit of a friend.

    Above all, Stay Canadian.

    Love from California and your surrigate Guild,


  21. Too bad, as I was always hoping to see you with BNL on their second Germany-tour some day.

    But at least I can count myself to the german minority that got to see one a BNL show... not in Germany, though... Stratford'05 under that moon light (remember?).

    Well, all the best to you Steve... may your path be the right one for you and make you truely happy!

  22. Steven, plain and simple I just want to say Thank You. I wrote this on my page, it's not much, but I hope you understand how much you have meant to me and so many other fans:

    Well, to say that the news of Steven Page leaving the Barenaked Ladies saddens me would be a gross understatement. As far as entertainment goes in my life, it’s a tragic loss.

    I first saw BNL in 1998 at the HORDE fest in Irvine, CA. My friend and I went to this concert just because we wanted to go to a show. I still remember falling in love with them from the moment I heard their first song. The way they carried themselves on stage, the way they interacted with the fans, and the way they flat out rocked their songs was so memorable. Instantly I became a huge fan and started catching up on lost time.

    Here we are 11 years later and I’m as big a fan now as I was back then. The Barenaked Ladies have been a model of consitency, and they are one of the few bands that you would never have to worry about breaking up. They have always made such an effort to stay close with their fans. From the early days of their fanclub, “The Ladies Room”, to having cruises where they party with the fans, it’s been a great ride.

    Steven has left to pursue his solo career. That’s all we know for sure. We can speculate on other reasons why he is leaving, but let’s just leave it at that. Steven is going in his own direction.

    The good news is that Ed will keep this band afloat. He will be the lead singer, Tyler will still rock the drums, Jim will still be on bass, and Kevin will still be there to play what seems like every instrument known to man. BNL will press forward. Sure, it won’t be the same, and I’m not quite sure if Ed will perform hits such as, “The Old Apartment”, “Brian Wilson”, and “Break Your Heart”, or other songs that Steve was the frontman for, but one thing that we can do is continue to support the Barenaked Ladies and Steven Page as they embark on their separate journeys.

    Steven, I want to say thank you for all the memories you’ve given us as part of this great band that you helped start. I also want to wish you good luck on your solo projects. Your fans will always be your fans.

  23. I've only ever attended three rock concerts in my life, but two of them were BNL. Thanks for the music and the memories.

    Best of luck getting through all the media attention, and I eagerly look forward to seeing what you'll do next!

  24. Steven, if your new music gives me half as much joy as I have received from you in the last 15+ years, I will be an incredibly lucky mid-west housewife! I hope your new path will give you as much joy as you have given.

    My 11 year old daughter Ava and I grieved for a few days, had a 24 hour bnl concert in the house and are now ready to watch and listen as you go forward. I recently used the lyrics from "Babyseat" to help her with a bully. Her new motto "stand on your own and don't admit defeat" is good and empowering advice for anyone! She wanted me to let you know to keep on rockin'

    Wishing you much love and laughter!

  25. Thanks for the encouraging words. As a fan of over 15yrs, I am sad. I swear I got a tear in my eye when I read you were parting ways (to which my husband looked at me like I was a freak).

    You have touched my life. I know you understand how music can speak to your heart, to the soul. Your singing speaks to mine.

  26. I'm sad at the moment, but really looking forward to see what you both produce.

    If Vanity Project is any indication great things are coming. "Hit and Run" is still one of my favorite songs. Cheers.

  27. Good luck, Steve! I was shocked by the news, but I'm excited at the same time. I look forward to your solo work and what BNL comes up with after your departure.

    I went on the cruise for the first time this year and it was a blast! I'm glad I got to go this year when you were around and it was great meeting you (however brief!)

    I look forward to reading your blog and everything the future brings! Take care.


  28. Still grieving here, man. Boy, it's hard to believe you won't be up there with Ed anymore. My first BNL concert was after a family tragedy, and you guys lifted my spirits after so much mourning and loss. I became a die hard fan.
    Thanks for your beautiful music...
    I truly look forward to reading about your success. And am counting the days to when BNL goes on tour again.

  29. Hello Steven,

    I have to admit that this has been a week of mourning for me. I've been addicted to BNL for the last 18+ years, and I am sad. But change can be a very good thing, and I'm excited about what you have in store for us, as well as what BNL has coming our way. I hope you're planning on coming back to Michigan (Detroit, maybe?) to promote your next album.

    I've missed your blogs too, so I look forward to your next post.

    Trie :)

  30. I just found your blog! I'm so glad :)
    I'm sad you are leaving BNL. The last time I saw you guys was at Guelph Lake, I was in the front row. I wish I had the chance to see you guys in concert one last time. Your music has helped me through many times in my life. I'll miss you being in the band, your voice is amazing. I look forward to following where your career takes you.

  31. My wife and I first saw Barenaked Ladies at Jingle Ball in San Diego. Then we got engaged at a meet and greet in Chula Vista and the entire band signed the engagement card I used to propose. We sat in the front row and caught several guitar picks from you Steve. We even incorporated Call and Answer into our wedding vows. We have since seen you at Berkely, Universal Studios, MGM Grand, and another San Diego show. We loved the chemistry, the Steve and Eddie rapping, and the improv routines. We regret that we missed the cruises. Good luck with this new venture, you will always have a special place in our hearts. We look forward to seeing the music and other media you produce.

  32. Just want to say thanks, Steve, and I wish you luck in all your endeavors. I loved The Vanity Project and hope to hear more like that from you in the future. BNL have been one of my favorite bands since before I can remember, and specifically, your songs on MYSD helped me through the hell of high school. When I saw you guys play at Borders in Detroit, it was like seeing old friends. While that part of your life is over, I can't help but be optimistic about whats to come. So thank you for all the memories, and I can't wait to hear what you have in store for us!

    Now I'm really sad that I missed the NYE show :P

  33. I just want to give you support Steve, for the singer/songwriter you are and all the good that there is to come from you. I absolutely loved the Vanity Project and know that with all the talent you have, there's no way but up. I've been a fan and at every boston area show since city hall plaza, '98 hangin' from the windows of buildings above the 50,000+ others--theres no doubt that that day we all knew this would be something special, these last ten years of the twenty especially when the US got to know you a little better. There's no denying the impact you all have had nor the chemistry that is so evident when you step on stage with your brothers. Its true we all need a fresh start however, new challenges and new frontiers to conquer. Its what makes us human. You have my support, and the support of so many others because you've shown us, well, you.
    All the best.

  34. Thank you Steven. Thank you for being the first music that my husband and I agreed on....19 years ago. Thank you for the incredible live shows - the 1999/2000 NYE show in Buffalo was magical. I remember being touched when your son toddled out on stage to give you a hug. Thank you for Snacktime! It's been such a joy sharing BNL with my kids. I took them to the Toronto Snacktime show and the look on my 3 year old's face when you guys started up his favorite song, "Vegetable Town" was priceless. Sadly, it was at this show that I sensed something wasn't right. It made me worry for the health of the band. (Although not for your looked H-O-T..that red sweater and jeans...mmmmm..but I digress) [On a side note, while we were waiting for the show to start my 3 year old asked where you guys were. I told him that you were backstage waiting for everyone to get to their seats. He decided that you were all in timeout...for biting. So, I must (in my best Mom voice) tell you: NO biting. heee heee heee...I crack myself up...]
    It's not easy being an intelligent person in the world today. Sometimes it's easier to turn your brain off and coast through life. However, if you find someone who understands...who gets it...there's nothing better. And I don't just mean that in a romantic way (although when that ROCKS) can be friends, co-workers, family...anyone. My wish for you is to feel (and be!) understood. You deserve it.

    B'hatzlacha Steven...I look forward to your new chapter...even if am I sad at the ending of the current one.

  35. Hey Steve,
    Here's wishing you only the best on your future endeavors. I'm really happy for you; there's no doubt you'll top the charts in theater, and maybe you'll continue "The Vanity Project".

    I'll keep supporting you and I pray for your success.

    Regards, Aimee (a.k.a "The Bingo Girl". You know!)

  36. I've waited 16 years to see BNL in concert... so I finally got tix to this Orlando show this weekend... and you're not going to be there. I've only waited so long cause you never really made it to FL that much and I've had babies and been out of town or whatever else... I have your solo cd... and I like it. I'm sure I'll like what you do in the future... we are a similar age... going through similar stuff... i can relate... have a swell day... I'll see your band of bros this weekend... want me to tell them hi?

  37. The more BNL boys making music the better, that's what I've always said! (I'm still waiting for the next Don't Talk Dance album! :D)

    Admittedly, a little sad...but I'll get over it. :)

    From the deep recesses of the roundish, fleshy, beating thing in my thorax, I wish you nothing but the absolute best in your exciting new adventure, wish you a heaping helping of luck (like you'll need it) and wait with bated breath for new works from one of my favourite Canadians. :)

    That was a REALLY long sentence. :D

  38. Steven, I am really glad to see you here!  When your my space page dissapeared I was dissapointed not to have a way to communicate with you, however one sided it may be.  I truely want you to be happy, so if that means leaving bnl then so be it, however I'd be lying if I said that I am not sad to hear the news.  You are a huge part of bnl and why I love this band.  To me, you are bnl.  It's hard for me to imagine going to a bnl show and not seeing your moves and hearing your powerful voice.I am excited to hear more solo stuff from you, I love the vaniety project too, and maybe when you are completely free to have total creative control over what you are doing we will all realize that this was the best decision. But right now I am just very sad to see the end of an era.much love and support,jennaps. theater is a perfect choice for you

  39. Steven... the words escape me. I've had the fortune to see BNL several times from Mather Arch on Canada Day to my last concert at the Seneca Niagara Casino. It's one of the (only) benefits of living in Buffalo!

    Each concert has been amazing - the fun, the laughter, the music and your amazing voice. I was stunned to hear the news - heard it at the gym in the middle of my live recording of Careless Whisper.

    I love Ed and the boys, and hope to hear more from them - but "What a Good Boy" and so many of my other fave songs are not the same without your voice. Much luck - I'll be following you, and hope you get to Buffalo for a solo show soon!

  40. I've been a BNL fan since 1997/98 when I first saw the band in concert on campus at the University of Minnesota where I was going to college at the time (I'm from Cincinnati Ohio). A friend of mine literally dragged me to the concert (I had never heard of you before), but two or three songs in, it was instant love. I fell head over heels in love with the band's energy & chemistry and with YOUR voice. I have only seen BNL in concert a handful of times since I live in Ohio and don't travel out of state much, but I was fortunate enough to be able to attend two of the cruises - amazing times (even though I had my two boys with me both times)!! After Ships and Dip V this year, I came home and had a dream that the band split up and woke up in a sweat, like my world had fallen apart. I reassured myself that that was impossible... only to hear the news a few weeks later!

    It has been a mourning process for me, but a good one. I've always understood that my love for your music and for the band members is something I experience in my own little world. I've never met you and you've never met me, yet your voice calms me when I'm stressed and I can find a bit of myself in nearly every one of your songs. I've been listening to you guys for so long that it seems as though I know you when I've actually never been lucky enough to meet any of BNL in person (I did bump into Tyler on Ships and Dip III, tho... he mumbled something about his Crocs...). So, what I mean is... even though I've felt as though I know you/the band and that you're mine and only mine, I've always understood that this sense was really only a bubble of mine - an entire make-believe band, if you will, that I created in my own head. Sure, I knew the same tunes and the same lyrics that the rest of the fans knew, but the meaning for me was mine alone. In that sense, a part of my little world died and there is a very special part of me that will never be the same again. In a broad sense, though, I understood the splitting of the band, and, honestly, saw it coming for a while. But in my own little world, I mourned for weeks, almost in denial. I'm OK with it now :)

    I absolutely love your solo work Vanity Project (heard it for the first time on Ships and Dip III) and am the proud owner of the green t-shirt!

    I am excited for you to branch off and follow your passions. I admire your courage to change and to seek authenticity. If I knew you in person, I'd tell you that you can talk to me about anything at any time. I've never judged you for anything you've said or done or not done; I'm simply grateful to have been introduced to your music and to your beautiful spirit that has become a part of my life through your music.

    Thank you!


  41. No offense but you might want to reconsider this decision? You ARE a Lady, Steve. You are the main reason I attended so many BNL shows. You and Ed made BNL. Your voices made the perfect cocktail, and on that drink I got drunk for years. It's a shame to only have a mixer to listen to now.
    I guess I cannot get high on both of your voices LIVE any longer so I shall consume you both at home or in my car.