Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Singer Must Diet

I'm getting ready for the Art of Time tour, and I'm back on the diet bandwagon, seeing the nutritionist again.  As John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats said, I'm going to get myself in fighting trim, etc.  Speaking of whom, I saw them on Jimmy Fallon the other night (yes, I know it's Hulu, which sucks for Canadians, etc, but if you can't view it, look for Tuesday Jan 19th.  It's worth it), and damn Darnielle is all skinny again.  They looked and sounded awesome.  What a great band.  And they sounded even better as a four-piece.  The song, Genesis 3:23 sounded more exciting and intense than on the album, with John's voice going up the octave for the choruses.  Although the dancing, clapping audience around them was a little embarrassing (and reminiscent of one of the BNL summer tours, although that wasn't embarrasing, that was fun), the band rocked out around them, propelled by Jon Wurster's always-exciting drumming.  Yes, I know the song covers familiar territory to one of my older songs, but that just makes me feel even closer to Darnielle, one of my absolute heroes.  And as Northrop Frye said (or was it Knowlton Nash), everything in western lit is based on the book of Genesis anyway.  Or something like that.  It's been a long time since I pretended to pay attention in University.
I had sausages and waffles with maple syrup for breakfast today.  Off to a great start!


  1. Really looking forward to it coming out!

  2. Ya look fine to me! And some waffles with (real) maple syrup never hurt anyone...enjoy! Anxiously awaiting for this music to come out.

  3. Everyone knows dieting doesn't work. It's lifestyle changes that work. So here's what you do (unsolicited advice): Continue with your solo career AND rejoin BNL. That way you won't have time to eat and the world will have more harmony, literally. Now if you can go back one week to before I knew you left BNL and do the SF concert, that would be even better. It's a well known fact that time travel is great for weight loss, even better than interval training (although slightly more dangerous if you watch Lost). If you do decide to take my advice, please tell me to move my car.